Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nyx Assassin

So you just randomed Nyx Assassin and you only have nyxty seconds to nyx Nyx Assassin. What will you Nyx? Never Nyx: this is Nyx Nyxity Nyx Nyx Nyx.

Nyx Assassin (real name Greg) is the avenging angel of a divine mass murderess who shall remain nameless.

He's got four sociopathic powers. "Ixnay on the Yxnay" impales anyone foolish enough to blaspheme the name of -- oops... almost got me there.

Next up, "Jimi Hendgnyx" burns anyone who tries to stand next to your fire.

"Panyx Attack" gives your enemies time to reflect on their actions and pray to your matron for forgiveness.

Ulti-time! Shhhh. Whaaassssuuuppp!

With "Ixnay on the Yxnay" you can urdermay the innerssay, with "Jimi Hendgnyx" you can give out a thousand free smiles, with "Panyx Attack" you can do your job even while running away, and with "Quantum Mechanyx" you can earn the affections of a goddess.

So what about items?

He's faithfully devout -- carry a good book.

His claws can crack bones -- think cripple.

Arcane Boots and a maxed out Dagon are the most popular. Hold on to a Gem of True Sight to make sure that YOUR wards are the only ones that matter and an Ethereal Blade will take your victim to hell so that Nyx can personally watch them nyxpire.

Oh, no. I said her name!

Thanks for watching this video, good luck in your match, watch those runes, Nyx, Nyx, Nyx.