Tuesday, December 24, 2013


So you just randomed Axe and you only have sixty seconds to learn how to play Axe. What will you do? Never fear! This is DotA in :60.

Axe is a misunderstood Mogul who's on trial for crimes he -- may have committed.

He's got four side-splitting powers, cutting the ribbon with "Trial of the Century" -- a call-to-arms that allows you to stand and face a jury of your peers.

To keep your ugly mug on the front pages, "Public Outcry" inflames the passions of the press until they bleed with stigmata or stroke out all together.

"Turn-About" is a passive that strikes back at the slanderous in a way that would make Lizzie Borden proud.

Ulti-time! Nah, I don't need a gun... I got a DUNK!

With "Trial of the Century" you can get people excited about your autobiography, with "Public Outcry" you can slay the self-righteous, with "Turn-About" you can make the play a little fairer, and with "Slam Dunk Case" you can finish off even the hardest of jobs. DUNK!

So what about items?

He's in for some cat calls -- lay on the armor!

He can always plead insanity -- think about some madness.

Vanguard and Blade Mail are the most popular, but if you want my advice, Assault Cuirass will save you with something a little faster than your sharp tongue and Boots of Travel will make sure you're never late for a court appearance.

Thanks for watching this video, good luck in your match, if the glove don't fit, buy another glove!