Sunday, December 15, 2013

Legion Commander

So you just randomed Legion Commander and you only have sixty seconds to learn how to play Legion Commander. What will you do? Never fear! This is DotA in :60.

Legion Commander is a up-and-coming executive climbing that corporate ladder to plant her flag on the glass ceiling.

She's got four quarterly powers, including "Liquidation" -- a dissolution of corporate assets that proves that sometimes a company is more valuable... when they're dead.

Ingratiate yourself with the other vice presidents by using your "Quick Thinking" to pull their chestnuts out of the fire.

"von Clausewitz" is a passive that turns loose your inner lioness when someone tries to pin down your pride.

Ulti-time! I call this meeting to order!

With "Liquidation" you can free up some assets, with "Quick Thinking" you can shrug off a summit that didn't go so well, with "von Clausewitz" you can prove that courage is the first quality of a warrior, and with "Quorum of Two" you can turn mano y mano into a quid pro quo.

So what about items?

She's highly fashionable -- grab up a bracelet!

She's always in a caucus -- think mana regen.

Most popular items? Not a clue, but if it comes with a Belt of Strength, snag it and throw in a Refresher Orb because the key to surviving a board meeting is making sure you hit the highlights before the doughnuts run out.

Thanks for watching this video, good luck in your match, manage your briefcase, stop jungling!