Saturday, January 4, 2014


So you just randomed Venomancer and you only have sixty seconds to learn how to play Venomancer. What will you do? Never fear! This is DotA in :60.

Venomancer is a hideous Lernaean worm with a bile so vile he makes Fukashima look like a microwave oven.

He's got four biotoxic powers, including "Controled Release" -- a discharge of level 4 bio-hazard the CDC would have an interest in.

"Houston, We Have a Problem" is a passive that turns Venomancer into a walking Superfund site.

Cashing in on the dangers of fracking, "Noxious Nematodes" converts the local invertebrates into Franken-monsters.

Ulti-time! Oh, no! That's not good.

With "Controled Release" you can top off someone's gas tank, with "Houston, We Have a Problem" you can recycle your spent scrubbers, with "Noxious Nematodes" you can blockade the protesters, and with "Can it with the Klaxon" you can let one rip like Pop-pop.

So what about items?

He's the one with the bait -- fish for some agility.

He spreads like the plague -- think teleportation!

Power Treads and Aghanim's Scepter are the most popular, but if you want my advice, a butterfly will carry coins to Charon and just to prove your one-dimensional... how about another butterfly.

Thanks for watching this video, good luck in your match, 1950 called... they want their horror movie back.