Saturday, January 18, 2014


So you just randomed Batrider and you only have sixty seconds to learn how to play Batrider. What will you do? Never fear! This is DotA in :60.

Batrider is a comic book supervillain -- the natural result of too much strange.

He's got four nefarious powers. "Leaving So Soon?" irritates the neighbors worse than a patch of poison ivy.

One way to brighten your day is with a "Flaming Forty" -- a Molotov masterpiece that'll melt the heart of even the coldest penguin.

His third active begs the question... how 'bout a little fire, Scarecrow?

Ulti-time! "Ain't it a Drag" lets you impress the crowd -- like a hangman. Whaaassssuuupppp!

With "Leaving So Soon?" you can stick 'em like a thorn, with "Flaming Forty" you can stop a push with a hush, with "Bat Droppings" you can float above everyone like a ghoul, and with "Ain't it a Drag" you can hold down your target... for a dead shot.

So what about items?

He's out on a caper -- grab some gloves.

He needs a quick escape -- think blink!

Force Staff and a Blink Dagger are the most popular. Throw in Boots of Travel to become the bane of someone's existence and always wear Shiva's Guard because the only way to beat five of a kind is with a joker.

Thanks for watching this video, good luck in your match, gank with your firefly, when it doubt chequer like a harlequin.